A Bowl of Juicy Fruit

I love fruit. It’s like nature’s sugar. My favorite fruit are grapes.🍇YUM!

Not only do I love eating fruit, but I love painting fruit as well. I love to add light reflections on to the fruit. That’s my favorite part!! Here are the directions on how to paint this.😉

  1. Paint the background whatever color you please.
  2. After it’s dry, paint a brown crescent as the bowl.
  3. Add white strips on the left side of the bowl. (paint this while it’s still wet so that it blends in)
  4. Add what ever fruit you please! If you want to do exactly like mine, the fruit I did was an apple, grapes, blueberries, a pear, and an orange, also a little strawberry at the back of the bowl.
  5. After you paint your fruit, add more white streaks at the left side on each piece of fruit.
  6. Add little berries at the bottom if you want, but if not you’re all done!

Enjoy your new masterpiece!😁

Shared with: Thursday Favorite Things

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