Farewell Jade’s Art Project!

I have bad, bad news. Jade’s Art Project is leaving. Now, I have good, good news! Eat This, Paint That is HERE!!

I went through SO many different names. I feel like this is the one.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!




Step By Step American Flag Painting🇺🇸

Also called the Fourth of July, Independence Day marks the historic date in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress. The written declaration stated that the American colonies were tired of being ruled by Great Britain. They wanted to become their own country.🇺🇸

The Fourth of July is tomorrow! It’s a great day to celebrate the free country God gave us with fireworks, family, and my fave, S’MORES!!

Anyways, I painted a painting that represents this great holiday!

Obviously, it’s an American Flag painted in my own way, and it’s SUPER easy. Here are the instructions!


1: Take a canvas, any size you want, and turn it horizontal.

2: Take the colors, baby blue, a darker red, and golden yellow, and squeeze each on palette.

3: Take a brush and scoop up some blue paint.

4: Dab the paint on the top left corner, not brush, dab it to get that earthy feeling.

5: Once you’ve created a rectangle on the left corner, get ready for some stripes!

6: Get a new brush and dab yellow and red stripes around it.

7: Add little streaks of blue in the yellow to make it “old fashioned”.

8: I’ve got a secret….. YOU’RE DONE! Hallelujah!

Now that you are done, go enjoy your independence day and celebrate.

Song Requests I LOVE

I have been listening to tons of music lately, and I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite songs, just for fun!


I love 90’s music. NSYNC is one of my favorite bands, and here are a few of their songs that I enjoy.

Bye, Bye, Bye


It’s Gonna Be Me

Tearing Up My Heart

I Want You Back

Pop (weird video, but I like the song)

Backstreet Boys:

Again I love 90’s music, but I most likely like the 90’s boys bands. So here are some more songs!

I Want It That Way

It’s Gotta Be You

As Long As You Love Me

We’ve Got It Goin’ On

New Kids On The Block:

A lot of these bands I’m sure you’ve heard of, especially this one.


Boys in the Band

Bring Back the Time


I’m not real familiar with this band, but I love the song sooo….. here it is!


One Direction:

Drag Me Down

Night Changes


Steal My Girl

One Thing


U Make Me Wanna

All Rise


Chasin’ After You

Hope you guys enjoy!

Latest Events With Moi

Hey guys! I’m SO sorry I haven’t been doing much posts lately. It has been very busy at my house, and I do apologize, although I thought I’d fill you in on what has been happening lately!

Well, something that is very exciting for me is I got my gray belt for jiu-jitsu!

I love jiu-jitsu (as you already know), and it’s actually a lot more fun than you think.

June 4th was jiu-jitsu’s 3 year anniversary! It was a lot of fun! We went to a pizza place.🍕🍕❤️

June 7th my dog died.

It was very sad since I’ve had him since I was born, and he has been my only pet for 12 years now.

His name was Gussell Rodrigo….. I can’t give out my last name, but that’s his first and middle. At least he went to Heaven though…….. A VIDEO ABOUT GUSSY

June 9th was my lil’ brother’s birthday! He is now 7 years old! He thought he was king on his birthday, but like that’ll ever happen. LOL👑😂

June 10th was my Aunt’s Wedding!❤️ My heels were killing me. Although the ceremony was very beautiful and fun.

LOL…. there’s Natalie

It has been oh, so HOT the last few days in Tucson, at least I got a good tan.

Glad I’ve updated my life with you all, and I’ll be sure to get a recipe out real soon!!

Night Time Tree Painting

This is probably one of the best paintings I’ve EVER painted!! Since I painted it, you totally can too!

I love to paint, but sometimes I don’t take my time. I’m not patient. I’m sure I’m not the only one! I took my time on this one and look how good it turned out! LOLOL.

I’m so sad because Jade’s Art Project is almost done but………………….. Hungry Art is coming!

I’ll get to redo some of my fave recipes, fix up some paintings, etc.

Off to the instructions!


Blend the colors black, purple, dark blue, and light blue into a “sunset”. Save some plain canvas at the bottom for the grass.

On the white space below paint grass with black paint.

Paint a tree on the grass with black paint as well. Add a lot of branches.

Dip your brush into some white paint and flick the brush onto the painting for stars.

Paint a moon in the top right corner.

……………You’re done! Hallelujah! ENJOY!!

Funny Pinterest Videos For Fun

I have been on pinterest A LOT lately and I thought I’d share some videos that I have literally cried over.🤣

You can follow me on PINTEREST and take a look at more videos that I have saved.

Trust me- you will not be disappointed when you watch these!



  1. Nap Bribe😂
  2. Asking Ur Parents If U Can Date: Siblings🤣
  4. Can I Hang With You Guys?🤣
  5. The Attitude😂
  6. Spaghetti’s Ready: Siblings🤣
  7. Don’t Yell In My House🤣
  8. My Sister And I Fighting🤣
  9. The Guy From the Other Night🤣
  10. The Most Intense Tag Game I’ve Ever Seen🤣
  11. Send This To Ur Crush😂
  12. Chores: Siblings🤣
  13. Faking Sick: Siblings🤣
  14. Sneaking Snacks😂

I hope you guys get a kick out of these- again I just thought I’d write a quick post about these videos that I LOVE! And I hope you do too.

You can also follow me on YOUTUBE– I made a few videos about my 2 crushes (Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Jonathan Brandis), and 1 video for my Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats and The Best Guacamole EVER

White Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug

It’s already May!

That means Easter has been over for a while.😭 But, that also means left over candy! For Easter, I got a bag of jelly beans, gum, more jelly beans, gummy bears, and a huge white chocolate rabbit!

It’s about a foot long, I’m not sure though.

Yesterday, when I was making my “Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie for One“, I had an idea and chopped up some of my white chocolate bunny in use of the dark chocolate. It was very scrumptious!

I wanted to try out what would happen if I turned it into a…… wait for it…….. COOKIE IN A MUG! And oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it was so good!!!!!! I mean, if I do say so myself. LOL.

Lately, life has been pretty good, but my allergies are getting to me.

Since it’s spring, my seasonal allergies have hit.

When I eat things that I’m kind of allergic to, or that I usually have no trouble with, I react to it! WHYYYYY. LOL. God did give us seasonal allergies for a reason, I just have NO idea why. I’m on a “special” diet right now, but once summer will come, I will hopefully be back to normal!

Do you guys want to know something that is unfair that happened at jiu jitsu?

This is the belt rank for kids till they get to blue.

  • white,
  • grey/white,
  • solid grey,
  • grey/black,
  • yellow/white,
  • solid yellow,
  • yellow/black,
  • orange/white,
  • solid orange,
  • orange/black,
  • green/white,
  • solid green,
  • green/black.

Then blue.

For adults, they get to go from a white belt to a blue belt. Since my friend is 18, he got his last week, and now he is 12 belts in front of me! I’m still at my grey/white belt, one more stripe, and I’ll get a grey one. And yes, I got another stripe!

Anyway, back to the uh…. oh! The cookie in a mug, how could I forget that?

This cookie in a mug is healthy, delicious, and chewy! Let’s get started!


1 Tbsp pumpkin seed flour

1 Tbsp light colored buck wheat flour

1 Tbsp tapioca flour

1 Tbsp brown rice flour

1 Tbsp grass-fed butter

1 tsp applesauce

2 tsp coconut sugar

1 tsp water

5 drops stevia

1/8 tsp vanilla

A pinch sea salt

1/16 baking soda

1-2 Tbsp chopped white chocolate chunks/chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix all ingredients in bowl.

Butter/or oil a ramekin.

Take dough out and press into ramekin.

You can press the chocolate in after you put it into the ramekin, or you can mix it in the dough.

Place in oven for 10-20 minutes.

Take it out once done, and grab a spoon and DIG IN! ENJOY!

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Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie for ONE!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been here in, gosh what 3 weeks? Has it really been that long? Well, now that I’m finally here, I’ll let you know what has been happening with my life lately.

First, I got my third stripe on my gray-and-white belt. Yay me, LOL.

Second, my dad just got promoted to engineer 2 weeks ago. It was hard keeping it a secret, but we did it!

Third, my dad’s sister, Ashley, (my aunt) is getting married in June and is pregnant! I’ll be having a new baby boy cousin. Speaking of pregnancy, my mother and father are thinking about having another kid as well. They still haven’t decided, but it definitely has been the main topic lately!

Fourth, it was my great-grandmothers 80th birthday on Sunday , HAPPY BIRTHDAY GG LINDA!!!

Fifth, I just made a delicious, chocolate chip cookie for one!

I’ve loved this cookie ever since I was able to cook! In fact, my mom has this recipe on her blog, but I changed a thing or two. In the picture, the cookie may look small. Sorry about that, I ate most of it while waiting for a pan. It was DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Now time to make thee COOKIE!🍪🥛


1 Tbsp pumpkin seed flour

1 Tbsp rice flour

1 Tbsp light colored buckwheat flour

1 Tbsp tapioca flour

1 Tbsp soft butter

2 tsp coconut sugar

1 1/2 tsp applesauce

1 tsp water

1/16 tsp baking soda

1/8 tsp sea salt

1/8 tsp vanilla

1-7 drops stevia

1-2 Tbsp chocolate chips


Preheat oven at 350 degrees.

Mix all ingredients in bowl.

Place parchment paper on pan.

Take the dough out of the bowl and shape it on the pan.

Put in oven for 10-15 minutes.

Take out and let cool.

Once cooled down, enjoyyyy!!

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Shamrock Smoothie☘️

Today is St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t forget to wear green!

This smoothie is DELICIOUS!!! Take my word for it. If you don’t believe me, try it out today, then in the comments tell moi if la smoothie was la good or la not.

Oh, and sorry I haven’t gotten a post up in a while, I’ve been pretty busy.

Okay, enough chit chat, let’s get started!


1 cup milk of your choice

1/2 a banana

A small spoon full avocado

3 ice cubes

5-7 drops of stevia

1/8 tsp vanilla

1/8 tsp spirulina


Place all ingredients in blender.

Blend it.

Pour into cup and ENJOY!

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Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies for One

Hey guys!

Before I talk about these delicious cookies, I wanted to ask your opinion on something. You see, my mom is thinking about getting me a paid blog. I want one so badly, the only thing is I’m stuck on what to do for my blog’s name. In the comments, tell me which one you like better. “Artistic and Hungry,” or “Will Paint for Food”. Let me know!

Anyway, off to the recipe!

These double chocolate chip cookies are the living end! One bite and you’re in Heaven😇.

You may be confused by the word Protein up there. I put some of my dad’s fudgy brownie protein powder in there, it’s super good. If you don’t have that type of protein powder, you can use whichever one you want.

Okay, let’s stop talking about these babies, and start making them!


1/4 cup+1 Tbsp oat flour

1 Tbsp coconut sugar

1 Tbsp protein powder

2 Tbsp grape seed oil

2 Tbsp water

1 Tbsp cocoa powder

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1-15 drops of stevia

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/8 tsp fine sea salt

Chocolate chips (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine all ingredients in bowl.

Grab a pan with a sheet of parchment paper on it.

Place 3 dough balls on the parchment paper, and press them down gently.

Push the chocolate chips in the dough cookies.

Bake for 10-15 minutes.

When you take them out, let them cool down for 5 minutes.


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